The hardest part of the manufacturing of PPE Gowns is saving the seam to be failed in possible tests from the clients. We have an easy solution for you for this problem. JPPL is manufacturing Seam Sealing Tapes in India with completely Indian technology. Our product is used by multiple PPE manufacturers and is appreciated. We have both heat activated and self adhesive tapes in this.

Heat Activated Seam Tapes
First time made in India with best quality compared to any imported products. Bonds instantly at application temperature of 250 degrees. Already being used by multiple prime manufacturers.

Self Adhesive Seam Sealing
Easy to apply and highly sticky self adhesive seam sealing tapes are made with hotmelt glue technology to make sure you PPE kits pass the international standards for levels of exposure to the contaminated environment.

1. Antimicrobial film technology
2. 100% indian technology and product
3. Works with almost any seam sealing machine
4. High quality and high bond strength

Backing   Specially formulated backing film
Colour   Blue
Backing Thickness   0.100 mm (100 Microns)
Total Thickness   0.140 mm (140 Microns)
Softening Point   100 Degrees C
Type of Adhesive   P-EVA-HM Adhesive
Adhesion to Steel   NA
Elongation at Break   400 % min.
Tensile Strength   > 10 N / 25 mm . ( min )
Break Down Voltage   NA
UV Resistance   upto 12 months

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