JPPL introduces the best in class air cushion machines enabled with latest features, sturdy mechanism and fastest production. The machines are designed with weight of only 8 kilograms to ensure best efficiency and highest yield of up to 15 meters per minute.
The machines are enabled with touch screen interface and can be extended with attachments like pedal, sensors or winder. The output product quality is ensured with steady and burn free sealing. The machines are designed to run almost all patterns of air cushions and come with 1 year warranty.
These air cushion systems are first MADE IN INDIA machines, that ensure quality and best service. These are perfect example of intelligent technology with reliable service support.


Food Wrapping, Glass Coushioning, Liquid Safety, Electronics Transport, Void Fill, Cushioning of Fragile items.

Production Speed   7-15 Meter/minute
Film Type   LDPE or HDPE
Film Thickness   18-50 Microns
Film Pattern   Air Pillow or Bubble
Film Roll Length   200-2000 Meter
Film width   20-40 cm
Inferface   Touch screen
Machine Weight   8 Kg

JPPL is able to manufacture one of the best Air Cushion Films with its unmatched production and development facilities. We have designed our films with ability to hold the air for maximum time, maximized tensile/seal strength and error free sealing in pouch design. The films are available in both HDPE and LLDPE. We have multiple designs and sizes in air cushion films depending upon client end use and application.


The AIR CUSHION PILLOWS are used for quickly and economically filling empty space in any packaging box. By using this protective packaging, the goods are fixed in the package preventing movement while transit. This product is an excellent replacement of crushed paper or thermocol chips.
Major Application: Void Fill
Material: LLDPE/HDPE
Size: 200x100, 200x130, 200x150, 200x 200
Thickness : 18-50 Microns


The AIR BUBBLE MAT are majorly used as a more sturdy replacement to bubble wraps. These acts as a wrapping material for different applications which provides best cushioning and protection from damages while transportation. These are made with high strength HDPE film which can hold air for weeks. This is a very easy to use and effective product compared to traditional options.
Major Application: Product Wrapping
Material: HDPE
Size: 400x350
Thickness : 20-50 Microns


The AIR CUSHION MAT are a cushioning material for diverse products and applications. These are multiple air chambers in a designated area to cushion material from directions to make sure its safety while movement.
Major Application: Material safety cushioning
Material: LLDPE/HDPE
Size: 400x320- 4 chamber, 8 chamber, 16 chamber
Thickness : 20-50 Microns

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Air Cushion Film: An innovative protective gear

The consumer lifestyle is constantly changing, and that means e-shopping is the inn thing today. It is occupying a good segment of the economy. Global air cushion packaging has thin cushion films that use a less percentage of plastic. Environmental concerns are a significant concern when it comes down to disposal. The air cushion films’ design does not form landfills.

Adding to the value, air cushion films apply for packaging and safe distribution. Jagannath Polymers Pvt Ltd has clear cut manufactured the air cushioning with the latest innovation. The system has a touch screen modulation for maintaining the air pressure.

It differs from traditional packaging and hence serves as the best alternative to thermocol or heavy plastic packing. Let us understand what it is, the quality and uses of air cushion films.

Air Cushion Film: Introduction

Air cushion films manufactured from polyethylene is mainly used for packaging. There are a variety of products packed using air cushion films. Products like electronics, pharmaceuticals, automobile components, artistries and more.

It ensures quick and hassle-free packaging between the product and the container. Moreover, it serves as protection gear to the products. JPPL designed air cushion system for manufacturing multiple patterns in it.

The cushion films have high-quality check with steady and burn-free sealing. It is a product MADE IN INDIA and hence is a perfect example of intelligent-reliable service support. It is best in the class system with the latest features for quality cushion film productions.

Features of Air Cushion Film

The production system for air cushion films is in the size of normal 400*320 with four chambers. It also comes in 8 and 16 chambered mats. They’re aptly used as material safety cushioning.

- The cushion film production machines have touch screens to enable the right pressure insertion. The latest modifications include pedals and sensors.

- The air cushion films can sustain external pressure. The design is to hold air pressure for a longer time and has high tensile & steel strength. They are symmetrical and designed for equal air distribution.

- At JPPL, the cushion systems manufacture and test the films critically. They are available in both HDPE and LLDPE. Based on the client requirement, it is customized further.

- The tensile strength of the cushion films is maximum for JPPL products. They are globally used for packaging and product distribution.

- Air cushion films are manufactured using a conventional method.

Uses of Air Cushion Film

Air cushion film design is unique because it is cost-effective, less harmful to nature and has high demand in the market. More so, the durability of the deliverable product is more with cushion films.

They are lightweight and form easy packaging for multiple products—bulk manufacturing them results in cost-friendly production.

They serve as a better alternative to foam packaging. Air cushion films are less harmful and in demand for the global air cushion packaging.

The packaging applications are for void-filling, cushioning, block and bracing, wrapping, etc. JPPL has prioritized quality before anything till date.

It is used as a cushioned mat (Air cushion mat) which carries the load for easier convenience. It is both economical and a sustainable option instead of foam packaging.

Used for manufacturing air cushion pillows too. The cushion pillows server as a void filling material and bracing the packages. They are used in product distribution in couriers and goods delivery.

Air cushion films are versatile and can be used as bubble mat that is better than bubble wraps. It is durable, sustainable as it can hold the air for weeks long.

It applies to protect any delicate products for longer life. The major use with an air bubble mat is for product wrapping.

Air Cushion Film & Pricing

Further, to enable a friction-free transport and packaging of the products, air cushion films take the market naturally. Delivering fine quality services is more important in retaining clients and consumer trust.

Based on the industries that need air-cushion film, the production costs apply. The conventional method of manufacturing is cost-friendly and reasonable. The production relies on the demand of the end-use industries like e-commerce, personal care, electronics, pharmaceuticals, FMCG and others.

The production is subject to segmentation based on the requirement and the region. If the client statistically supports their request, the production will be efficient. To increase the value chain, JPPL has so far earned 100+ trusted customers in India and overseas.


The analysis report of the worldwide production states that air cushion films add more value chain. They’ve gained popularity with the recent industry developments and market dynamics. Air cushion films have an enormous advantage of transportation, handling and storage cost. They do not lose their cushioning properties.

Many e-commerce companies and small industries deploy air cushion film as a means of void fill material and protective mailers.