BOPP self adhesive tapes are Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) coated with emulsion pressure sensitive water based acrylic adhesive. SolidHold BOPP tapes are manufactured with in-house manufactured adhesive specialized for best quality in terms of tack, peel and sheer strength. Solidhold BOPP tapes can be customized as per clients needs in thickness width or length. JPPL is capable to produce BOPP tapes upto 70 micron thick and printable upto 8 colour with high quality rotogravure technology.

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1. Highly performing adhesive.
2. Excellent clarity and high gloss.
3. Flawless dimentions tability and flatness.
4. Least thickness variation with coating stability.
5. Optional printing and customization

1. Carton Sealing and industrial application.
2. Home and stationery application.
3. Branding and marketing.

Total Thickness (μm)
Tack (#)
Peel Adhesion (G/In)
BT 01   23 mic BOPP film   WB Acrylic   36 ± 1   ≤ 7   400 ± 20
BT 02   23 mic BOPP film   WB Acrylic   38 ± 1   ≤ 7   450 ± 20
BT 03   23 mic BOPP film   WB Acrylic   40 ± 1   ≤ 7   490 ± 20
BT 04   25 mic BOPP film   WB Acrylic   45 ± 1   ≤ 7   500 ± 20
BT 05   29 mic BOPP film   WB Acrylic   49 ± 1   ≤ 6   550 ± 20

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BOPP Tapes – Securing your Packages

Imagine what shall happen if a package opens up while in transit. The item inside the package box may be an expensive one due to which the sender or the receiver may have to incur a huge loss. To avoid such instances, special adhesive tapes known as the BOPP tapes are used for securing packages and boxes for courier services. These are also called Clear BOPP Tapes, Brown Tapes, Box Packing Tapes, Carton Packing Tapes or General Tapes.

Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene or most commonly known as the BOPP tape is made up of thermoplastic polymer that is known to have a high number of beneficial features due to which it is highly used in the shipping industry.

Features and Properties of BOPP Tape

Some of the most of important properties that make BOPP Self adhesive tapes one of the best suited adhesive tapes for the shipping industry are mentioned here:
- High in dimensional stability
- High in clarity and gloss
- Free from shrink and wrinkle
- Recyclable and non-toxic in nature
- Customizable with your brand identity
- Easy to use on multiple surfaces.

With such features, the BOPP tape is highly useful in the shipping industry. You do not have to worry about its durability once it has been pasted on the packages. Also, it is resistant to temperature or even scratches so that it does not get damaged while in transit. As it is recyclable in nature, it is non-hazardous to the environment. Also, it has a surface on which printing can be done quite conveniently. This means you can even do your branding on the surface of the tapes quite efficiently.

Varieties of BOPP Tape

These tapes are available in different options and three of them are widely common.

- Transparent Tapes:
The very first option of BOPP tapes that are available is the transparent ones. These tapes are mainly used in shipment where special care is needed for the package. Such tapes are used when the product or the special packaging instructions have to be kept visible. When the inside material is visible, it becomes quite convenient to handle the package in a rightful manner.

- Colored Tapes:
The second type is the colored BOPP tapes. These tapes are quite handy from the inventory point of view. Colored tapes are quite often used to identify different products and therefore it becomes quite comfortable in handling different packaging. In such a way, chances of damaging the sensitive items reduce to quite an extent. If you are looking for a colored BOPP tape, brown is the most commonly available color. Apart from this, these tapes are available in other colors too such as black, blue, white, purple, orange, yellow, pink, and red.

- Customized Tapes:
You must have surely noticed the tapes that are used by Amazon or other eCommerce service providers. They have their brand name printed on the tape. Not just the brand name, there are also other options of printing available such as that of saying handle with care and others. Such tapes are highly useful in terms of brand awareness no doubt. But tapes printed with the instruction of handle with care are another way to provide special instruction to handle the package with extreme care.

So, there are three commonly used BOPP tapes across the shipping industry today. You can choose the right one based on your requirements.

Variety in Specifications

Apart from the various types of BOPP tapes available, there are also various types of specifications in which they are available.
- Most of our manufactured BOPP Tapes are between 36 microns to 70 microns in thickness.
- The tapes are available in different thickness such as a heavy-duty tape can have a thickness of about 70 Microns. The most commonly used ones have a standard thickness of 40-50 Microns.
- You can find them in different widths also such as 0.5 inches to 4 inches. The rolls are available in different length measurements too based upon your requirements.
- Different adhesives are used for BOPP tapes among which the most common one is acrylic and synthetic rubber. These are used in the hot and melted form that offers a durable strength to the tape. Apart from these, natural rubber and synthetic are other adhesive options that are used in many of the BOPP tapes.

With all such information, you must have surely understood which BOPP Self Adhesive tapes are perfect for your requirement by now. If still you have got some doubts, you can always get in touch with our experts to have a clear idea of which BOPP tape can be the perfect one for your shipping activities. We deal with different options so that you can get exactly the one that you have been searching for or that can suit your requirement. We are just a call away and are more than happy to assist you with the right guidance and quotes so that you can get the best option at the best price.