Double Sided Tissue Tape


Double-sided tape is a kind of tape that is coated with adhesive on both of its sides. It is designed in such a way that it can stick two surfaces altogether. And most of the time, it is not visible at the end of the product. This happens because it lays between two objects rather than overlays the products. The product is used in various projects where neat-looking & better craftsmanship are needed. Double-sided tape can either be dimensional or thin. Dimensional tapes are used in the retail sector & signage uses for their thickness as these sectors require signs to be displayed & stand out with a 3-D effect.

Double-sided tape is manufactured using an adhesive layer to each side of the carrier material. Also, double-sided tissue tape can be ripped very easily. The main procedure of manufacturing double-sided tissue tape includes applying adhesive to two sides of tissue paper which will be wound with silicone paper for avoiding sticking to itself. Most of the adhesive tapes are manufactured in log form. As in a large 1 to 3-meter wide roll, after that adhesive tape converter can be used for splitting the roles into their required width. One of the double-sided tapes is called lingerie tape that secures clothing to skin & this kind of tape is used with loose skirts & strapless dresses. They are also a temporary fix for fallen hems & a few clothing imperfections.

Double-sided tissue tapes are lightweight tissue tapes that are coated with rubber-based adhesives. It is similar to double-sided paper products that provide more stability & comfort than other adhesive transfer tapes. Double-sided tissue tapes are recommended for covering & laminating light objects like paper, textiles, cork, plastic, etc. It is made from non-woven tissue paper that is coated on both sides with hot melt rubber adhesive or acrylic adhesive for different adhesion & application.

Few facts about Jagannath Polymers Pvt. Ltd.

Jagannath Polymers Pvt. Ltd., also known as JPPL, has been excelling in making tissue tapes for years. Jagannath Polymers Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of double-sided tissue tapes in India. It was founded in Jaipur, Rajasthan in the early 2000s. The company has a base of 100 satisfied clients all over the world. The company also works as a solution provider, as well as researcher & it is a technological hub of packaging in the nation. The activities of the firm include giving product advice, inventing & making products from the scratch, & the top priority is delivering world-class products through extensive research.

One of the main targets of the company is to making innovative products & not taking a huge toll on the environment. The company has its values that give priority to professionalism in its work culture.

The company was awarded exporter of the year 2020 in the small business category award by an institute Franchise India. It has also acquired many certifications over the years, to name a few, ROHS certification, certificate of incorporation, PMAR certification, certificate of ISO 9001, MSME certification, JIA certification, Plex council certification, CE certification, etc.

Double-sided tissue tapes manufactured by JPPL

The double-sided tissue tapes that are manufactured by the company are being made using the highly aggressive solvent that dissolves rubber-based adhesives coated on the back of the tape. The double-sided tissue tapes are super high strength tapes that are designed to be used in the printing industry for printing press & flexo block mounting. This tape is coated with 100 GSM adhesive on of its sides & they are supplied with heavy hawana brown & white paper liner. JPPL Company has been manufacturing superior quality double-sided tissue tapes for years & it also maintains & meets the international standard. The tapes are of high quality & convenient to use for industrial units. The tapes are durable & made with high-quality material that is used for giving the tapes an extra life.

Features of double-sided tissue tapes manufactured by JPPL

The most important feature of the double-sided tissue tapes produced by the company is they are cost-efficient & of superior quality compared to other manufactured tapes.
- The tapes have a significant thickness that provides strong support. - The company ensures a high peel adhesion that also guarantees a powerful hold. - The tapes can adapt to multiple surfaces. - The surprising feature is despite having a stronghold the tapes do not leave any mark on targeted surfaces. - The tapes also have very high strength in the back of the tissue. - The company offers customization as per the requirements of the customers. - JPPL also offers OEM options for their customers. - The tapes have excellent tack with good strength for immediate bonding. - They have good resistance to heat, solvents & chemicals.

Usage of double-sided tissue tapes manufactured by JPPL

Double-sided tapes produced by JPPL can be applied in felt & foam lamination & appliance manufacturing. These are also used for splicing of films, foils, papers, lamination & fastening in plastic & papers, also in printing industries to adhere envelops & posters. The tapes have other usages too in other industries like the leather & shoe industry, for mounting nameplates, computerized embroidery, polycarbonate & metal stickers, etc.

The double-sided tissue tapes manufactured by JPPL have several applications & benefits. The company engages itself in making world-class tapes to solidify its base as a manufacturer.

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