Floor Marking tapes are made of self colored PE film printed with required print and are popularly used for marking of lanes etc on industrial or warehousing floors. These tapes are coated with high strength water based pressure sensitive adhesive and very aggressive to stick to floors. These are printable with different designs and colours as per requirement of clients.

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1. Excellent adherence to surfaces including uneven surfaces.
2. Water and UV resistance.
3. Easy to mark stocking and navigating areas.
4. Multiple colour and printing options available.
5. Cost efficient and environment friendly alternative to PVC tapes.

RED   Danger   Safety Cans and Signs
Yellow   Caution   Keep Fire Away, Trapping
Orange   Warning   Part of Machinery
Green   Safety   Location of First Aid Equipment
Blue   Information   Signs and Bulleting Boards
Orange Red   Bio Safety   Labels for Blood and infections waste
Yellow Black   Boundaries   Direction and Boards Marking
Magenta Yellow   Radiation Caution   X-Ray, alpha, beta, gamma.
Total Thickness   135 Micron   IS:8402
Peel Adhesion   Min. 750grm   ASDTMD:1000
Adhesive   Water Based   JPPL Internal
Elongation   240% Min.   ASDTMD:1000
Heat Resistance   100 Degree C   JPPL Internal
Track Rolling Ball   Min. 6   ASDTMD:1000

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Floor Marking Tape – Know More About Them

Floor marking tape or also known as the industrial floor tape is an important safety and marking element for any industry today. Different industries invest in the best floor tape options now for various purposes.

What is a Floor Marking Tape?

In a simpler term, the yellow color tape that you notice on the floor many times is the Floor Marking Tape. It is a tape that is quite different from the general stationery or electric tapes and is designed exclusively for the floors.

So, what is so special about these tapes?

Well, they are prepared with quite strong adhesives so that they can survive on a floor for years even after getting tormented by extreme working conditions. For ages, different companies have been using these floor marking tapes for various purposes.

What is the use of a Floor Marking Tape?

Though you might have noticed the yellow or other colored tapes at different places, you might have a curiosity to know the various places where they are actually used. So, there can be a number of places where these tapes are used for various purposes.

Many of the companies or even investigation teams make use of these tapes to mark a place that is hazardous. There can be such hazardous areas in a chemical factory, a construction site, or many others where accidents may take place. Marking the area as hazardous with the help of these bright colored tapes can be highly useful.

Many of the times, the tapes are used to guide a person towards a particular direction. In offices that are huge, such tapes are used to mark the floor with arrows to help outsiders to reach out to their destinations easily.

Spaces and Aisles:
There are also a number of times when these tapes are efficiently used in dividing a particular area into two or even in creating aisles.

Why People Choose These Marking Tapes over other options?

This can be a very common question because earlier paints were used for marking or even for diving areas. But there are a number of benefits of the floor marking tape that is realized over other options such as paints.

Ease in Installation:
Installation is easy and quick, unlike the paints. You do not have to shut down an area or do not have to get into any kind of major hassles for the purpose. You can simply get the tape and start sticking it on the floor as per the requirements without disturbing the work that is already going on.

Fumeless Installation:
What happens when the paint is used to mark an area? There are a number of times when the fumes coming out of the paint may bother the people who are working along with the customers present. This is not the case with Floor Marking tape. There is no such irritation while applying these tapes on the floor.

Customization is Possible:
It may be possible that you might have only noticed the yellow-colored floor marking tapes, but there are other options available too. These tapes are available not just in different colors but also in different shapes and sizes. There are so many companies that make use of these marking tapes for different strategies and so they use a combination of designs.

Not So Expensive:
Another reason why the floor marking tape is getting famous is because of its highly inexpensive nature. These tapes are quite cheap when it is compared to other options such as paints, or barricades.

Durable in Nature:
Along with so many beneficial features, the floor marking tape is also highly durable in nature. Many of the construction sites or factories make use of these tapes because these tapes can tolerate even heavy vehicles and machines rolling over them.

How to choose the right Floor Marking Tape?

Now when there are so many options available in the floor marking tape section, how are you going to choose the right one that you need? Well, there are some important factors that you can keep in mind while selecting the right tape for your need.

- The durability of the Tape:

It is important to choose the right tape based on the environment in which it will get exposed. There are different marking tapes available with different levels of durability such as tapes that are meant for forklifts and so on.

- Based on Application:

You can find different marking tapes for different applications such as for aisles, anti-slip tapes, for floor signs, glowing tapes, and many others. You can choose based on the application for which you require these marking tapes.

Floor marking tapes are getting higher in demand with each passing day due to its benefits and applications. Get in touch with our experts to understand and get the exact floor marking tape that you can use for your requirements.