JPPL is a known and established name in food packaging industry for their supply of packaging materials. Our pouches are used in Packaging of salt, Atta(flour), Pulses, Snacks etc. These pouches are customized to utmost level including Width, Length ,thickness and printing. These pouches keep the aroma safe and are oxygen and moisture proof and are very popular worldwide to pack the required products.

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1 It is cost efficient solution to spoilage and spillage issues.
2 Guaranteed, laboratory tested and proven material.
3 Durable, waterproof and hygienic to user.
4 Highly optimized inks and no colour transfer in goods.
5 Food safe materials are used in goods.

Our pouches are used in Packaging of salt, Atta(flour), Pulses, Snacks etc.

Width   200-1700   mm
Length   200-3000   mm
Thickness   20-400   Microns
Base Material   PE/PP   N/A
Printing   Optional   Upto 8 Colours

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Food packaging involves enclosing the product for different storage facilities, sales, distribution. It is vital to have the correct kind of food packaging with optimum quality. To promote the distributor, attractive packaging is necessary. It helps draw more customers and increases your brand awareness.

Food packaging pouches eliminate product storage and distribution discrepancies. The food marketing industries require food pouches for hassle-free sales. The process involves design, evaluation and production of packaging pouches.

The pouches kept aroma safe with oxygen & moisture control proof. They have earned their name worldwide to pack the required products.

Features of food packaging pouches!

One of the most remorseful feelings after straining ourselves over a heavy task is seeing it all go to waste. JPPL has made cost-efficient solutions with food packaging pouches. They design it with a single material, often with a greater value for its promotions.

Food packaging pouches are spoilage proof. Thus, they are strongly recommended to be used in food protection and packaging. Food packaging markets can use the pouches for the distribution of products that are delicate. There are two types of food packing pouches i,e, consumer and retail packaging.

From spices to semi-liquid and liquid packaging, have attuned to this innovative food packaging. They're laboratory tested and made from a proven guaranteed material. They're quintessential in today's life.

Food packaging pouches are a standard alternative for canned or any other packaging because they're durable, waterproof and mainly very hygienic to the user/consumer.

Food packaging pouches are essential to promote products like salt, flour, and other related snacks. They connect to the audience as clean packaging always does.

Thus, brand awareness begins with the clean and right food packaging. Pouches here serve a great deal than the rest. The pouches are manufactured based on the requirement.

JPPL put across extensive research on the food packaging pouches. Pouches, on the one hand, have cleared all the shortcomings of packaging. Pouches created from the appropriate material and designed with the right typography and brand placement enable proper promotion. Pouches are efficiently designed to use time and fabric with a simple craft and user advantage. It stores safe food with the right packaging. This has eliminated many rumors and disbelief about packaging.

Use of food packaging pouches!

JPPL is a brand on a mission! It aims at delivering an efficient and innovative standard for food packaging pouches. It has a practical approach to reverse climatic change for packaged food, even during the most unfavorable climatic situations.

It is flexible for packaging for salt, Atta (flour), pulses, snacks (cornflakes, you name it). They this food packaging pouches. Pouches crafted for food durability have a longer shelf life.

Pouches are not just convenient; they have a novel style, i.e. customizable. Based on the user or consumer need the food processing agencies to strategize the packaging. Manufacturing them is easy and less time-consuming.

They sell the pouches whose dimensions fall under the width of 200-1700mm; length of 200-3000 mm and the thickness of about 20-400 microns. It makes the base material with PE/PP and is available with eight colours.

It uses 60% less plastic for healthy food sustainability. It also controls its environmental implications. They are smaller and thinner than glass. More so, have paper & metal packaging even as per the client requirement. It is 23% better and lighter than traditional packaging.

In case of these pouches, they're made less bulky so that the disposal is easy to prevent any landfills. They are not yet recyclable through the current waste system but definitely reduce waste disposal.

Price of food packaging pouches!

While launching the product line, JPPL chose food packaging pouches for consumers. Instead of glass cans or any other rigid packaging. The modern lifestyle needs less space and more durability concerns. Thus, the novel design of the food packaging pouches has taken over in the market.

Food packaging pouches serve best for travellers, adventure hikers, migrants, and even for household cooking. They do as light-weight packages compared to bulky plastic packaging. They raised their popularity to post their introduction.

The prices remain suitable and cost-effective. They're travel-friendly pouches, which serve as a great convenience. The demand for pouches started growing with comfort, safety and sustainability.


Food packaging pouches have several undebatable advantages over traditional packaging. They're economical and durable pouches. The pouches released come in 8 different colours, logo and design at JPPL. Further, it is for cost-friendly the overall reduction in manufacturing cost.

Promotions on pouches are way clear, and brand awareness is more effortless. JPPL was one pioneer to have launched these pouches. Today, they have established growth in the food packaging system. The pouches can pack salt, Atta(flour), Pulses, Snacks, etc.

The food packaging pouches are waterproof and have moisture-proof benefits. The aroma is intact with time and transit. These products are trendy worldwide for packing food essentials.