Milk film is made using specially formulated LDPE. As we know Milk requires an extra protection as it attracts more bacteria then water or any other form of liquid , so JPPL team manufactures superior quality , high yield film that is very convenient to use and is good for the milk inside. JPPL milk pouches are waterproof and durable and these are made from superior quality of raw material to give milk an extra life compared to conventional methods. It is printed with highly optimized inks for deep freeze application.

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1 It is cost efficient compared to old technique of packing.
2 Guaranteed, laboratory tested and proven material.
3 Durable, waterproof and hygienic to user.
4 Advanced technology compatible with all machines.
5 Highly optimized inks and non transferable inks.

Mostly used in packing of Milk, Water and other liquid products.

The pouches are customized to client needs with multicolor printing and sizes. Our product can be made capable to pack any quantity of oil with designated shelf life as required by buyer depending on supply chain.

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Milk Packaging Films

Imagine what shall happen if a package opens up while in transit. The item inside the package box may be an expensive one due to which the sender or the receiver may have to incur a huge loss. To avoid such instances, special adhesive tapes known as the BOPP tapes are used for securing packages and boxes for courier services. These are also called Clear BOPP Tapes, Brown Tapes, Box Packing Tapes, Carton Packing Tapes or General Tapes.

Milk Films have revolutionized the dairy industry in the last few years. They help in the clean and effective packaging of milk and simplify the process of distribution. Ideal milk films prevent contamination from several biological sources, such as bacteria, to ensure that the milk that reaches you is safe and healthy.

Knowing more about Milk Films

Milk films are made through a special kind of LDPE (low-density polyethylene). Its appreciable chemical resistance and high thermal tolerance are two of the most important properties that make the material suitable for making milk films.

Wondering what other properties make LDPE ideal for milk film production?

Milk films are carefully made through the highest quality LDPE to make sure it is well-suited for everyday usage. The material used also exhibits a lot of other desirable traits that facilitate the easy consumption of milk every day in thousands of homes and commercial spaces.

Why are milk films needed?

Milk is a common commodity and a necessity in every household. It is also known to attract bacteria more easily compared to other liquids. In such a case, effective packaging guarantees extra life to the milk packed.

Our milk films show all the requisite characteristics as they are:

- Superior quality
Milk films we make never fall behind in quality. The material used is always unparalleled and only the best available to make sure it proves good for the milk inside.

- High yield
It is our priority to create films that ensure a good lifespan and high yield. Milk pouches we create undergo several quality checks before asserting their presence in the market.

- Waterproof
Our milk films are waterproof and get rid of excess ice or water easily through the use of optimal quality LDPE. We always make sure that the quality of raw materials used remains up to the mark.

- Durable
Milk films are durable and do not easily contract wear and tear to make sure the packaging, distribution, and consumption process are hassle-free.

- Inked to perfection
Special quality optimized inks are used so that they can thrive in all atmospheres from hot delivery vans to deep freezers without the colors fading away.

- Great sealing
We have mastered the art of perfect sealing through years of experience to make sure you never face a spill you regret. Each package goes through a careful check before making its way to you.

Why should you use milk films?

Various advantages of milk films render them suitable for commercial packaging. If we were to discuss the major reasons why milk films help your business get up and running, here are the top five.

1. Cost-effectiveness
Packaging milk using milk films ensures easy supply and is an extremely cost-effective process. Both consumers and packers benefit from this characteristic. Milk films are available at extremely friendly prices and help your business get the boost it deserves.

2. Researched and Proven raw materials
The raw materials used are top-notch. This makes sure that your milk and you are always safe and well within the hygiene perimeter. Constant and informed research and quality checks help us retain and supply the best quality milk films.

3. Durability
The milk pouches we make are durable and stand the test of time. This is one of the most important reasons that work out in case of a hierarchical packaging or distribution. Our milk pouches successfully make it from one location to the other without troubling sellers and buyers.

4. Safety
Superior quality milk films ensure safety and health for all. We consider safety to be a pivotal virtue and always stick by it. Safety tags along from packaging to consumption to leave consumers as well as creators satisfied.

5. Advanced Technology
Advanced technology that is compatible with all modern machines is brought into use to keep all manufacturing problems at bay. This allows us to create customized prints and designs on the milk film according to your needs.

6. Non-transferable inks
The inks used are specially procured and non-transferable so that they never fade away or stain any other object. We want the glory of your brand to remain under all temperatures.

Where can these films be used?

Milk films can be used for packaging milk, water, curd, butter-milk, juices, oils, or several other liquids depending on your business type.

These films are well-suited for easy packing of liquids of your choice.

Customisation options

Milk films can easily be customized based on the needs of clients. Several printing and size options are available according to the needs of the buyer.

They are available in about 8 different colors and flaunt a 3-layered structure along with an LDPE base for premium quality packaging experience.

The quality of the film supports bright ink options for all relevant information and all modern inventory allows easy and efficient printing.