Oil pouches is made on sophisticated plant with the use of new age advance raw material offer high seal strength, good hot tack properties combined with excellent dart impact to withstand the vigorous of transportation. JPPL oil film is based on nylon structure to give more strength and zero leakage guarantee and to make sure the taste, aroma, flavor, colour, texture and integrity of your edible oil products remain intact behind those layers of excellence.

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1 High barrier properties against gas and moisture.
2 low leakage, high filling rates and cost effective.
3 Tougher and puncture resistance films.
4 Multiple printing options as per requirements of customers.
5 Compatible with all standards and norms for oil packaging.

Mostly used in packing of Oil and Grease.

The pouches are customized to client needs with multicolor printing and sizes. Our product can be made capable to pack any quantity of oil with designated shelf life as required by buyer depending on supply chain.

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