When we send a package via post, it is critical to send the related documents along with the parcel. The documents may be record of the product inside or invoice or any other important document. Packing List Envelopes are a easy to use solution to same task. JPPL Packing List Envelopes are made with high strength polyethylene film carrying required features for the application. These are tear resistant, water and resistant to save the documents in any weather or any conditions. These are coated with hot melt adhesive which make it aggressive enough to last till the package is delivered. JPPL is capable to customize the packing list envelopes with re-closable feature also.

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1. High Strength Polyethylene.
2. Customizable Face Film Either Clear Or Printed.
3. Easy Peel Paper Backing For Faster Use.
4. High Strength Adhesive For Safe Handing.
5. OEM Options Available.
6. Reclosable feature also available.

1. Invoice handling in Ecommerce Industry.
2. Logistics and handling industry.
3. Exports and Imports of goods.

C7   113 x 100   123 x 110   1000   552
C6   165 x 122   175 x 132   1000   368
C5   225 x 165   235 x 175   1000   207
C4   322 x 225   332 x 235   500   207
DIN LONG   225 x 122   235 x 132   1000   276
C6 GENERAL   158 x 116   168 x 126   1000   368

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Packing list Envelopes

A few years back the risk of parcels getting misplaced or being lost was quite common. Mostly, it was because the important details such as name and address were written on the parcel box directly. Often due to weather conditions such as rain or due to some other reasons, the information used to get blurred or tampered.

In such a situation, the packing list envelopes worked out like a lifesaver for parcels.

What is the Packing List Envelope?

The transparent envelope that is attached to the courier package these days is the packing list envelope. It is specially designed to hold the receipt or other important documents such as the receiver’s address and contact.

The packing list envelopes have actually turned out to reduce down the cases of misplaced parcels to quite an extent due to its various beneficial features.

How does Packing List Envelope help?

There are a number of amazing features of these envelopes that make them the perfect option to use for parcels and couriers.

- Durable Fabric:
The packing list envelopes are made up of high-strength fabrics mostly polyethylene that is known to be highly durable in nature. The material does not get much affected by any kind of tear when the package is facing different stages of shipping. Also, it does not get impacted much by any weather elements, thus, keeping the document inside it quite safe and secure.

- Strong Adhesive:
These envelopes come along with strong adhesive so that they do not come out easily from the package. Once the envelopes are attached to the package securely, you can be relaxed because they do not come out that easily. If someone is trying to take it out, the entire packing cover has to be destroyed to do so. So, the chances of stealing out these envelopes from the package and the misplacing the package are quite rare. Similarly, taking out the document from within the envelope is not possible without damaging it.

- Easy Inspection:
The packing list envelopes are transparent in nature so it provides proper visibility of the document that is inside. This helps a lot during the shipping such as while crossing checkpoints, while delivering the package to the right address, and also for storing the package in the warehouse in the proper way. Apart from the clear envelope option, there are also other options available such as printed envelopes through which the document and the details on them can be visible comfortably.

- Easy to Use:
Another great reason to make use of these packing list envelopes is that they are extremely easy to use. They are available with a peel-off backing option so that you can simply peel off the paper and can paste it on the package. It is fast and convenient for a better logistic service.

- Available in Different Options:
These packing list envelopes are available in so many options so that you can get the perfect one for each parcel. You can get them in different sizes, patterns, other options based on the type that you are looking for.

Where are they used?

With so many beneficial features, what are the exact places where these packing list envelopes can be actually used?

- Ecommerce Industry:

The eCommerce industry is booming and prospering over time. To keep things under control and provide a proper service to the customers, most of the eCommerce service providers prefer to make use of the packing list envelopes for the purpose.

- Logistics:

The packing list envelopes offer various benefits in the handling of packages in the logistics industry. The packages can be managed in the warehouse in the right way and can be shipped properly when the information is visible through these envelopes.

- Export/ Import:

When goods are exported or imported, it can take days or even at time weeks in the process. It is due to the durable nature of these packing list envelopes that they stay consistent on the package. It also helps in faster checking at the customs points as the information of the package can be clearly seen through the envelopes.

So, the packing list envelope has turned out to be one of the most important elements today for courier and parcels. It is its benefits that have led different industries today to use it with full confidence.

Are you about to start your online store or you are thinking of a trade-related business or so? If yes, you must have surely realized by now the importance of the packing list envelopes.

Now getting the perfect envelopes for your shipments and package handling is just a call away from you. All you need to do is to contact us and we can provide you with customizable envelopes that can be also featured with a re-closable option. Discuss with us your requirements and our experts can help you in getting the exact envelope types that you require for your purpose.