Are you Tired of lengthy procedures of packaging or juggling between tapes and staples? Let’s say Goodbye to all the packaging pains and suffering because now we have the most easiest and economical option to make packaging a quick task for you!

Self Seal Paper is the cohesive kraft paper which is the most ideal and economical packaging option that sticks to itself without leaving behind any residue. It ensures efficient and safe packaging as it is special adhesive coated kraft paper that does not stick to the product and forms an enclosure to provide protection from dust and dirt, allows the part to be held on support and prevents abrasion. It is also known to reduce packaging waste due to its easy and direct application without any heat or pressure. It is also an eco-friendly approach in the packaging industry as kraft paper is a biodegradable material that visualizes your sense of responsibility towards the environment along with effective packaging.

It saves a lot of packaging time and due to its non-stickiness of the residue to the products, it replaces tapes and staples that often leave residue and cause damage to the products you pack in it.

Self-seal papers have become a great choice for packaging spare parts in the automobile or furniture industries. Corrugated Rolls of Self Seal are also available for advance protection on some applications. It does not require any suitable sized dispenser and is really quick and easy to apply.

Self Seal Paper offers the following benefits which make them a great option for packaging.

1. Speed: It’s extremely quick and easy to use self-seal paper, hence it is a fast solution for packaging a wide variety of products.

2. Material: Self Seal Paper is coated with Natural Rubber Latex due to which it does not leave any residue and only sticks to itself without getting stuck to the goods in the package.

3. Convenience: It does not require any detailed procedure for its application. Just a light pressure by hand is enough for packaging.

4. Reduce Waste: Its quick and direct application helps to reduce packaging waste as it doesn’t require additional tapes and staples.

5. Effective Packaging Solution: Being a quick and easy procedure, self-seal paper is considered an effective packaging solution. Its corrugated rolls have replaced the foam padding and reduced the packaging wastage, making it an economical choice. It can be used vastly for wrapping non-breakable products and is also perfect for clothing, soft goods, and alternative shaper products.

6. No overheads: Due to its easy and quick application, it does not require any special sealing arrangements and equipment, hence there are no extra overheads for packaging.

7. Cost-Effective: Seal Paper is comparatively inexpensive when it comes to its efficiency and properties. It has made packaging an easy task without adding any additional cost.

8. Extra Protection: Due to its property of not leaving any residue on products that are packed in it, it eliminates the risk of damage that may cause to the product from the intensive task of removing residue of tapes or staples. Seal Paper can also be treated to achieve Anti Rust Properties.

9. Recyclable Substance: Self Seal Paper contributes to nature as it has no plastic and is recyclable. Hence, it ensures sustainability to the environment by being an ideal packaging option.

10. Reduce Labour: Due to its self-sealing property and non-requirement of equipment, high manpower is not required. Hence, it reduces the labor involved in packaging, reducing the overhead costs of the industry.

Self Seal paper is the best packaging solution if you are looking for quick packaging with limited resources and efficient protection. So, forget about the tedious packaging routine and get easy access to effective packaging solutions by incorporating Self Seal Paper in your Packaging Tools.

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