Shrink films are made up of Low density polyethylene(LDPE). It is used for heavy duty industrial packaging because it has a high strength to hold objects in itself. The LDPE shrink films are a recyclable and sustainable alternative to cardboard boxes. This high performance bulk packaging product provides excellent protection and stability to your goods during storage and transit. It is used as a industrial wrap to the products and shrinkage is obtained by required machinery and equipment.

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1. Specially formulated high strength films.
2. Protection from dust, moisture and environment.
3. Cost efficient as well as enjoinment friendly.
4. Easy to adapt to all shrink equiprments.
5. High quality films as per custom requirement.

1. Replacing carton boxes in liquid packaging like water and oil.
2. Healthcare Products packaging.
3. Industrial application packaging.
4. Pallet shrink packaging.

Coating Weight   100 GSM   IS:8402
Peel Adhesion   Min. 700grm/inch   ASDTMD:1000
Tensile Strength   14.5 KGF   IS:8402
Heat Resistance   100 degree C   JPPL Internal
Linear Color   White/Hawana Brown   JPPL Internal
Release Linear   Paper 88 GSM   JPPL Internal

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