Surface protection films aka SPF is made of specially formulated PE film coated with water based adhesive. It is available in Transparent, Milky and Black/White colours as standard. It provides excellent protection against damages and scratches. It is designed to leave no residue gum or marks when removed from target surface and have a shelf life of 6 months.It can be used on Glass, metal, plywood etc and many other surfaces.

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1. Self adhering film for multiple flat surfaces.
2. Shields surface from dust, moisture and other external factors.
3. Leave no glue or mark on target surface.
4. Moisture resistance and splash resistance.
5. Temperature and UV resistance are also optional.
6. Printable with customized prints and colours.

1. Metal manufacturing industries.
2. Colour coated roofing sheets.
3. Sunmica and plywood industry.
4. Aluminum composite panels.
5. Tiles, Granite and Artificial marble.

Film Thickness   17-125 Micron   IS:8402
Total Thickness   20-130 Micron   IS:8402
Type of Adhesive   Acrylic   N/A
Tensile Strength   0.25-1KGF   ASDTMD:1000
Elongation   120% Min.   ASDTMD:1000
Adhesion to Steel   50-600 gm/in   ASDTMD:1000
Temprature Resistance   60 Degree C   IS:8402

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What are surface protection films?

The name surface security film sort of says everything, it is intended to shield basic surfaces from scratching, damaging, scraped areas, UV presentation, or earth and pollution. Famous and effective because of its quality and solidness, the defensive film is really sticky tape.

Surface Protection Films are a plain or printed/customizable thickness polyethene film, single covered with water-based acrylic cement.

Surface Protection Films have a colored or printed low thickness polyethene base film, single coated with acrylic glue and can be printed.

Surface protection films have layers and straightforward sheets of polyethene film with a low tack acrylic glue that is designed for easy and non residue removal.

The surface protection films tape is utilized to secure touchy car surfaces, for example, body embellishment and rug during assembling, shipment and administration.

These are explicitly intended to give brief assurance against harm from utilizers using the Surface Protection films and it– including for multiple applications, for example, car body, plastic, metal, aluminum, roofing etc.

Surface Protection films are also known or referred as SPF, Surface Protection Tapes, Guard films, metal protection films etc.

Applications for Surface Protection Layer Film and Surface Protection Tape:

Surface protection film and surface security tape are utilized for impermanent assurance for the hardest surface deck.

It is also used while manufacturing covers and helps guard against followed in the earth, paint spills, dust, development flotsam and jetsam and harm.

The surface protection film is additionally utilized for rug and floor security during business and private work of art applications.

Surface protection film insurance films are additionally being broadly utilized in the worldwide COVID-19 regulation exertion for defensive surface pollute control in security basic medical care situations.

Instances of utilizations in surface protection film and tapes

- Camouflaging
- Painting
- Protecting
- Automotive dressing
- Surface protecting
- Contamination supervision

The markets surface protection film is used usually used in

- Automotive market
- Cleanroom market
- Speciality and convention market
- Building market
- Construction market
- Manufacturing market
- Ailment cordial and 100 % recyclable
- Wrinkle and wrinkle-free, thus gives uniform inclusion to the conceal surface
- Keeps surface/sheets splendid and sparkling
- Doesn't harm the veiled surface or divert the covering alongside it
- Practical and simple to utilize
- Simple strip off
- Leaves no hint of paste buildup on ensured substrates

Item Benefits of Surface Protection Film and surface Protection Tape

Surface assurance and surface security tapes are built from a mix of PE film and are impervious to tears or penetrate from instruments or shoe heels.

Explicit item highlights and advantages include:
- For utilising in around 45 days
- Reverse twisted for simple turn out
- Protects from the soil, paint spills, dust, development garbage, and harm
- Can be applied by hand or with a tool
- The hard surface protection layer film is for use on marble, vinyl, stone, fired, tempered steel and the production line completed the process of the deck. It isn't suggested for common hardwood floors.

Surface ProtectionLayer Film and Surface Protection Layer Tape Technical Information

- Surface insurance films and surface assurance tape come in a few distinct hues, widths, lengths and thicknesses.
- Carpet insurance film is accessible in 24 or 36-inch widths and Hard Surface Protection Film is accessible in 24, 36 or 48-inch widths
- Carpet insurance film is accessible in lengths of 200, 300, or 500 meters and hard surface assurance film is Available in lengths of 200, 500, or 1000 meters.

Where to buy Surface Protection Layer Film at best prices?

You can go over and search for your required protection tape, they have multiple verities of SPF in our range.
- Guard protection film
- Non-transfer protection film
- Floor protection film
- Furniture protection film
- Carpet protection film
- Protection film for screen guards