While packing the product to get it ready for shipping, it’s very important to keep the product intact for avoiding any damage but unfortunately due to different sizes of products and boxes, there is always some empty space which is left in between. That’s where Void Fill Paper plays a vital role as it is the best packaging solution to fill up the empty spaces in a packaging box for ensuring safe and secured delivery of the product.

Void Fill Paper is 100% biodegradable and recyclable material that meets the required standards of environmental sustainability, hence, it is the innovative packaging development that promotes green earth. It comes in a dispenser box that makes the process quite easy and fast. All you need to do is, remove the perorated panel, grab the pre-crumpled paper and pull it as per your requirement. It does not have any predetermined size or length, hence you can use it accordingly as per your needs. This easy-to-use procedure ensures work efficiency and reduces packaging waste.

Void Fill Paper offers great cushioning to the product, hence it avoids any damage or wear and tear during transit. Also, it is very lightweight, hence it does not adds to the extra weight of the shipment.

Void Fill Paper is widely used as an effective and economical packaging too due to its numerous benefits. These are:

1. 100% Recyclable: Void Fill Paper is 100% Recyclable, Biodegradable and Compostable Material that helps industries to meet their environmental norms and promotes eco-friendliness.

2. Strong Protection: Void Fill Paper ensures high durability and protection to the goods due to the cushioning effect that takes up the exterior pressure or shocks and keeps the product safe and intact.

3. Cost-Effective: Using Void Fill Paper to fill the spaces in the packaging boxes reduce the cost of additional packaging material, hence it is an economical packaging solution that offers safe and secured transit of products.

4. Sustainable: The raw material used in Void Fill Paper comes from vetted sustainable sources that make it easy to procure at affordable prices.

5. Lightweight: Void Fill Paper is lightweight, hence it does not add to the cost of shipment for the increase in weight of the shipment.

6. Reduce Packaging Waste: Void Fill Paper does not come in any predefined cutouts, hence, you can use it specifically as per your needs. This reduces the packaging waste as there are no leftovers.

7. Easy Application: Void Fill Paper comes in a dispenser box which is extremely easy to use. All you need to do is grab the paper and pull it out as per your requirements.

8. No Machinery Required: Void Fill Paper System does not require any additional machinery or packaging types of equipment. It saves overhead costs and makes it an economical packaging solution.

9. Multiple Usage: Along with filling up the empty spaces in the packaging boxes, void fill paper is widely used to wrap, pack, or provide cushioning to the products.

10. No Refilling: Void Fill Paper comes in a continuous roll length with a dispenser box which does not require any refilling, making the packaging process fast and effective.

11. Speed: Void Fill Paper ensures high-speed work due to its easy application. No extra time is required for paper cutting or refilling.

Although it does not require any additional machinery height-adjustable tray can make your void fill system more speedy and efficient. You can adjust the height as per your workbench and it can rotate to a full 360 degree for giving you easy access to void fill paper. It speeds up the overall packaging process as the dispenser box is fitted on the tray which gives a quick control on pulling the paper out of the dispenser box.

Hence, Void Fill Paper has become an ideal packaging tool due to its amazing benefits. With strong, protective and safe packaging, it also promotes sustainability that passes on the message of sensitivity towards our environment. Being a recyclable and biodegradable substance, void fill paper has become a great replacement to Void Fill Plastics.

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