While packing the product in corrugated boxes, it is important to ensure that the product remains intact and does not move during transit. For that Void Fill Packaging System is adopted through which the empty spaces are filled with Void Fill Paper that ensures extreme protection and cushioning to the product keeping it safe throughout the process of delivery.

Z Folded Void Fill Paper is commonly used to fill up the empty spaces in the packaging boxes. It is also known as Fan Fold Paper or Zig Zag Paper. Made from 100% biodegradable Kraft Paper, it is an excellent choice for an environment-friendly.

packaging solution. The raw material of Kraft Paper comes from renewable resources and can be recycled easily, hence reducing the packaging waste. This makes Z Folded Void Fill Paper the most economical and sustainable Packaging Solution.

Due to its sustainability and high protection, it has widely replaced other packaging fillers like air pillows, bubble wrap or foam. It also has a great compression property that can bear shocks during transit without damaging the product.

It is well known for the extreme benefits that make it an important packaging tool. These are:

1. Sustainability: Z Folded Void Paper Fill is made up of 100% Biodegradable Kraft Paper making it a sustainable packaging tool. It is non-toxic to the environment and can be easily recycled.

2. High Protection: Z Folded Void Fill Paper gives extreme cushioning and compression performance that protects your product from any kind of wear and tear during transit.

3. Lightweight: Z Folded Void Fill Paper is lightweight, hence it does not adds to the cost of the shipment and is an ideal packaging filler to protect the goods in a packaging box.

4. Cost-Effective: Z Folded Void Fill Paper is produced with Renewable Resources and can be recycled easily, hence it is an economical packaging solution.

5. Easy to Use: Z Folded Void Fill Paper is extremely easy to use as it already has folds that make up the excellent cushioning throughout the edges of the product and boxes keeping it safe and secure during transit.

6. Reduce Packaging Waste: Z Folded Void Fill Paper does not have any pre-cut lengths, hence it can be used as per your requirement. Thus, it reduces the packaging waste as optimum utilization is done.

7. No Machinery Required: Z Folded Void Fill Paper does not require any additional machinery or types of equipment for its application.

8. Compact: Z Folded Void Fill Paper is a compact packaging tool that does not take a wide space as heavy machinery or equipment is not required. It comes in a folded bundle that is easy to carry and compact to store.

9. Speed: Filling up the empty spaces with Z Folded Void Fill Paper is a speedy process that leads to quick packaging and high efficiency at the workplace.

10. Multiple Products in One: Z Folded Void Fill Paper gives leverage of packing more than one product in the same packaging box as Void Fill Paper is used to give extra protection to the products and keep them intact so that they don’t move during transit and collapse with each other.

Its numerous benefits make Z Folded Void Fill Paper stand out among the other Packaging Fillers. People are getting sensitive to nature and opting for sustainable packaging solutions that protect the environment and fulfill the purpose of packaging at the same time. Z Folded Void Fill Paper is one such eco-friendly packaging tool that makes it easy to safeguard the products during transit and ensure the secure delivery of goods without any damage.

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